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Passive Fire Protection
Fire Engineering

Fire safety training is a core value of Fire Risk Management Associates (FRMA); we believe fire safety training is key to driving change at all stages of the construction process, to ensure fire-safe buildings are standard. Our qualified fire safety instructors share our passion for fire training, and as such, are highly motivated and dedicated to the delivery of our high-quality courses. Each of our fire safety instructors have at least 15 years of experience within a Fire and Rescue Service and collectively we have over 30 years of teaching and instruction experience. 

Our training courses have been accredited by the Institution of Fire Engineers and offer between 1-7 hours of continued professional development (CPD). A certificate of attendance and a student resource pack is provided to each student upon attendance of our courses. Courses are delivered by our qualified Fire Instructors, who have UK Fire Service College and USA International Fire Service Accreditation Congress Certifications.

Examples of fire safety training delivered by FRMA:

–  Passive fire protection awareness
–  Passive fire protection – for senior managers and leaders
–  Passive fire protection – for installers
–  Passive fire protection – fire doors
–  Fire safety training for managers
–  Introduction to fire safety
–  Level 4 Professional Diploma in Fire Risk Assessment
–  One day fire risk assessment refresher course

The duration of our training courses is dependent on perceived need and requirements and range from one hour to multiple days. The creation and delivery of bespoke courses can also be arranged to suit client requirements.

Passive Fire Protection
Fire Engineering

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